High Spec Contracts

High Spec Contracts is one of Ireland’s leading roofing contracting businesses. We deliver both a main contractor and sub-contractor service on commercial and residential projects. High Spec Contracts understands that roof problems are perceived as business problems that need to be solved–fast and successfully.

  • Our customers extend their asset’s roof life, reduce long-term repair, maintenance and replacement costs through lifecycle roof management.
  • Our strong manufacturer relationships provide best solutions, more options and cost savings.
  • Our clients benefit from higher standards of professionalism, quality, value, efficiency and complete satisfaction.

High Spec Contracts strives to provide higher standards for roofing in Ireland and to lead and innovate the Irish roofing industry.

Your Roofing Partner and Advisor

A roof delivers important functions. It provides shelter, protects a business’s staff, products, it is an asset to be cared for. Through our lifecycle roof management system, we reduce long-term maintenance costs, and allow a business to put in place an effective service charge/ sinking fund or accounting mechanism to allow for future short, medium and long term roof costs. For example an owner of a shopping centre or retail park can efficiently allow for and spread out the future costs of a roof replacement or maintenance, and allow for those future costs through a managed service charge regime paid by tenants, and avoid a future landlord cost, as a result of an insufficient sinking fund allowance.

At High Spec Contracts our Reputation is Paramount. We earn our leading professional reputation on the roof every day through successful projects and service, technical expertise, roofing solutions and customer satisfaction.

Our customers benefit from Peace of Mind that High Spec Contracts stands over its warranties and is in business for the long term. High Spec Contracts has the insurance coverage that only an industry leader can provide to cover the biggest jobs.

Our strong relationship with nationwide product suppliers in conjunction with our materials register, handling and purchasing systems assure that the correct materials are available on site when you require them.

We strive to enable our employees achieve their maximum potential. We attract and retain the best roofing workforce in the country through our training, safety and career opportunities.

Through our vast experience we have encountered virtually every type of roofing matter and have the trained experience and expertise to rectify roofing issues rapidly and efficiently.

  • We have the most advanced solutions and technologies designed to extend the life and performance of your roof.
  • Fast response for special or emergency needs.
  • Consistent best in class service under a single, cost-effective roofing management program—especially vital for property owners/asset managers with multiple properties and locations.